Winners of 2017 Photo Contest Announced!

Thursday, January 4, 2018 - 1:24pm


Without further ado, we would like to announce the winners of the Photo Contest! (Click on images for larger versions)




People's Choice: With 277 votes, Ray Taylor's "Cedar Waxwing Lovebirds" was by far the public's favorite! 






Wet n' Wildlife: This was a very close category. But Bonnie Phillips' "Shine On (Dragonfly)" outshown the other pictures! 







Lovin' the Lakes: "His World" by Melissa Winters won over the judge's hearts and secured this category for the win! 







Nature's Studio: Leo Dean Jansen accomplished what many have tried, and failed to do. Catching a "Supermoon Over Tippy" with amazing talent! 






Thank you to all 28 photographers who helped make this year such a success! 81 photographs represented 14 lakes across our watershed, from Crooked and Loon Lakes, to Barbee and Tippy, to Pike and Winona Lakes!

We'd also like to thank the voters! The contest was visited over 2,100 times and over 3,400 votes were cast.


We are excited for this year's photo contest, which will begin in July! Stay tuned for more details at


Photo contest winner - supermoom It is Leo Dean Jansen (not Johnson)