TWF Board Biographies

T. Frederick


     Terry Frederick – Webster Lake, President



Career or former career/position:  Family Doctor (semi-retired) now volunteering at a free medical clinic, Christian Minister for 10 years (now retired), medical missionary (26 trips mostly to Haiti), farmed off and on as I found the extra time

What I value about TWF:  Making a difference in the water quality covering 114 sq. miles of watershed flowing into many of our lakes and ending up in the Gulf of Mexico. 

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF?  Working with so many others who have the same goals as I have for leaving our lakes cleaner  for the next generation.

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live?  By working with the farmers who have land adjacent to our watershed, working with the community and homeowners and the Clear Choices Clean Water project.

What would inspire someone to give to TWF?  TWF needs funds to continue to move forward with many projects for making our lakes better related to cleaner water for recreation, better environment for fish and wildlife  and maintaining or increasing our property values by having cleaner, clearer and better quality of water for all to enjoy.


Greg Hall - Chapman Lake, Vice President


N Fierek


     Natalie Fierek – Lake Tippecanoe, Treasurer


Career or former career/position:  Attorney with the Law Office of Natalie M. Fierek, LLC, with practice focused on worker's compensation and social security law. 

I love the lakes.  I love to swim, boat, just look at the water.  My grandparents loved the lakes.  My parents love the lakes.  My kids love the lakes.  TWF is determined to protect and improve the water quaility in our lakes and streams.  Supporting TWF helps to ensure that my community, my family, my friends and future generations will be able to continue to benefit from and enjoy this wonderful resource.     


V Bolles


     Vicki Bolles – Lake Tippecanoe, Secretary 


Career or former career/position:  Worked at a small manufacturing company for 42 years.  Retired as VP.

TWF is an organization that makes things happen. One can see results whether it is an "on-the-ground" project or the enlightenment of individuals when they begin to understand the things they can do to protect our waters, no matter how small or how simple.  Through education & showing results, TWF is making our huge watershed a better place to work & live & visit.

I have been around the lakes most of my life, both as a "laker" & as a full-time resident.  It is heart-warming to know that an organization -- TWF -- is working to protect & improve our watershed.  TWF is making a difference.



M Musgrave


     Mike Musgrave – James Lake


Career or former career/position: Retired/Surgeon

What I value about TWF: TWF allows me to be involved in projects, education, and getting to know more people.

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live? By improving water quality and habitat.


Ted Burnworth - Lake Tippecanoe



  Emily Cowan - Lake Tippecanoe




Career:  Manager of Marketing and Member Services at Kosciusko REMC 

What is it about this organization that you value?  When I was a little girl we had a small creek running through my backyard.  Since then I’ve always been fascinated by the water and all that is in it.  TWF works to protect and maintain clean, healthy water which is one of the greatest resources in our community.        

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF?  The greater good TWF has and continues to do will be felt for generations to come.  I like the idea of not just fixing a problem but trying to stop issues at the source and/or preventing them all together and educating others to continue the good works done by TWF. 

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live?  Attracting and retaining talented people strengthen the area in terms of bringing new businesses and growing existing ones.  Many people who consider moving to this area are amazed by the beauty and recreation available on our lakes.     


What would inspire someone to give to TWF?  The idea of water protection seems overwhelming because we have so much in our community.  While we sincerely appreciate the larger donors, we want people without as much to give to know their gift has impact.  Smaller amounts add up to a large amount which accomplishes great things.



C Brinkman


     Chuck Brinkman – Irish Lake (but I am a Flyer and a Boilermaker)


Career or former career/position:  I enjoyed working for IBM for 31 years. I split those years between network engineering and consulting. I retired at 55 to live my own schedule and pursue life interests including clean water. I paddle and fly fish every chance I get. I am active at Indiana Wildlife Federation and coordinated the technical committee for the Eagle Creek Watershed Alliance.

What is it about this organization that you value? This organization's mission is clean water and I think TWF can be a difference maker for clean water in our watershed.

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF? I want to be involved in making a difference in our watershed. We need to sustain or improve our water quality for our kids and grandkids. Sharing time with other like-minded folks makes this mission fun.

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live? Don't just look out at the lake. Look into the water. The clearer it gets the more intriguing and enticing it gets to understand the complexities of what goes on beneath the surface.

What would inspire someone to give to TWF? Give me a break.


Jim Siegfried – Lake Tippecanoe


Tom Snyder – Lake Tippecanoe    



   Dave Smith - Big Lake


Career or former career/position: Retired Mechanical Design Engineer. Lived in the watershed for the past 19 years. I am also on the Board of Directors of the Indiana Lakes Management Society. I was president of the Big Lake Association when we worked to get sewers on our lake. We have seen great success since the sewers have come online. 

What I value about TWF:  Their teamwork and commitment to improving water quality in our watershed.

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF? Working with quality people on a common goal.

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live? The improved water quality

What would inspire someone to give to TWF? If people could see the improvements TWF have made to improve the water quality in our watershed.



J Tynan


     Joe Tynan – Lake Tippecanoe


Career or former career/position: Joe Tynan is a retired senior executive (CEO, COO, President, and VP) with over 40 years’ business experience across a variety of industries: construction, industrial manufacturing, steel processing, plating and painting, animal production and consumer products. Joe spent the first 20 years with the General Electric Company beginning his career in sales and marketing, general management, and including international responsibilities when he was G.M. of the Latin America Construction Business Operations of GE. He and his business partner successfully started a consumer product business and ultimately lead to bring in a venture capital partner. He finished his career here in Indiana with Ambassador Steel Corp. (now a part of Harris Rebar, a division of NUCOR). Joe led the business acquisition and integration for Ambassador Steel.

What is it about this organization that you value? The fact that we work to solve the problems in the entire watershed and stop the pollution at the source not treat the results of pollution in our lakes and streams.

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF? I really enjoy meeting the donors who support our organization and hearing their stories about their love for our lakes. And I get great satisfaction as we complete projects that are sources of pollution to our lakes.

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live? Not really possible for TWF to make it a better place to live- It is God’s special place already! It is our job at TWF to keep it that way for others!

What would inspire someone to give to TWF? I hope knowing that their donation is having a direct impact on keeping our lake a beautiful place for them, their family and friends.




J Zartman-Romano


     Jennifer Zartman Romano – Loon Lake



Career or former career/position: Owner & publisher of, an online news site for Whitley County that focuses on positive, community-building news. I'm also a busy mother of three and an active community volunteer. I enjoy writing, photography, local history and cooking.

What is it about this organization that you value?: I appreciate the level of commitment and vigilance the Tippecanoe Watershed Foundation puts toward the care and conservation of our watershed so that future generations will enjoy these lakes and waterways as we have. It takes a significant level of interest, education, financial support and passion to ensure we have a healthy watershed in the decades to come, but I believe that working together, through the Tippecanoe Watershed Foundation, that can happen.

What is your favorite part about being involved with TWF?: I'm most excited about being able to not only discuss the importance of our water quality and lake health, but to be able to proudly speak of the projects being completed and provide the next steps for others who share this vision and want to get involved. I also enjoy the opportunity to meet others and learn more about the history and people that have been a part of the fabric of these vibrant lake communities.

How does TWF make your lake/area/community a better place to live?: TWF's commitment to the overall health of our lakes is critical for many reasons. We all want the lakes we cherish today to be as beautiful and magical for future generations as they are for us. Healthy lakes are important to the economic development of our communities, as lakegoers bring dollars with them as they support restaurants, groceries, marinas and more. Healthy lakes surrounded by interesting people and activities are valuable too through growing property values, a rising tax base and provide a place people want to live.

What would inspire someone to give to TWF?: I feel like each hour and each dollar committed to the Tippecanoe Watershed Foundation ensures that my children and their children will be able to enjoy countless, carefree days on the shores of our lake. I remember fondly the weekends on Loon Lake fishing with my parents when I was a child. I didn't fish...but I would read, the waves lapping against the side of our old aluminum boat, a sense of peace washing over me. I took in the sound of birds overhead, the sounds of lawns being mowed, of speedboats, of children laughing on the shore. From my seat at the front of the boat, I gazed into the water, looked at the fish, touched the different types of algae and wondered about the different creatures I saw.

Now, as a parent myself, I wanted to pass on those sunny memories to my children and our extended family and friends. In many ways, I feel the lake we now enjoy is an improved, healthier Loon Lake -- something that can largely be attributed to the work of the Tippecanoe Watershed Foundation.
Sometimes, big problems become overwhelming -- what can we as individuals do to care for and protect our lakes? It's difficult to do it alone, but through the Tippecanoe Watershed Foundation, our efforts are multiplied and targeted. Real work is accomplished with measurable results. We are actively bringing about change in our community through the Tippecanoe Watershed Foundation and that's a very good feeling.