TWF Supporter - Mary Price

September 2010 - Mary Price is a long time summer resident of Lake Tippecanoe and was recently interviewed at her cottage by Gary Calhoun and Bob Schwartz.

When asked why she is a financial supporter of TWF, Mary said, “I first came to the lake in 1918 with my parents, and I’ve been coming back ever since.  I have seen a lot of changes over these years.  In recent years I have observed a deterioration of the water quality water in our lakes.”  
Mary retired after 50 years as an English teacher.  She is concerned that young people won’t have a lake they can enjoy if we don’t do something to clean up our waters. According to Mary, this is so important to her because, naturally, our families grow and our children get married and move out to begin their own families.  Mary says, “The lake house is the one constant for our family.”  
At 98 years young, Mary says she receives a lot of Birthday and Holiday cards from her many lake friends.  A few years ago, it occurred to her that a person can only save so many cards.  Mary told us, “That’s how this all began.  I suggested that people donate a dollar to help our lakes instead of buying me more cards.  And now, it’s amazing what some people do -- they give a lot more than a dollar.”
The Watershed Foundation is grateful for supporters like Ms. Price, who encourage their friends and family to make gifts to TWF a part of their family giving plans.  To learn more about ways to give and about the impact of these gifts please contact us.