Ask Lyn February 2016

Monday, February 6, 2017 - 4:23pm

Lyn Crighton, the Executive Director for TWF, will be taking your questions about your land, lakes and overall watershed, and answering them. Email to submit your own questions!  

Dear Lyn,
I know that my lake association takes responsibility for managing weeds in the lake but my landing still has problems with weeds. Is there anything the neighbors can do to manage the weeds in front of our properties?
Up to My Neck

Dear Up to My Neck, 
Great question! There are many options you can consider to help tame the weeds. First you might consider small-scale physical intervention around your own pier or property. You can remove up to 625 square feet (i.e.. 25’ x 25’) of nuisance weeds without a permit from the IDNR. Two options are a weed rake or a weed roller. If you and your neighbors want to treat a larger area, then chemical treatment by a certified aquatic herbicide applicator may be in order.  

These professionals will apply for an IDNR permit, which must take into consideration the total number of acres treated across the lake for the season. While an overabundance of weeds are a nuisance to many lake residents, native aquatic plants are important for the health of the lake and life under the surface. You should also check with your lake association in the spring/early summer to see if they have an updated aquatic plant management plan and to view their priority weed treatment maps for the year.

Fishing on the pier

Remember, the best long-term solution is to be proactive! TWF takes action to stop the pollution that causes weeds and algae growth. You can help by reducing your sediment and nutrients inputs.