Ask Lyn: Lake Healthy Boating

Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 1:30pm

Ask Lyn
Lyn Crighton, the Executive Director for TWF, answers your questions about your land, lakes and overall watershed.  Email to submit your own questions!

Dear Lyn,  
My family just bought an awesome new boat. It will go pretty fast and throws a bigger wake than we're used to. How can we make sure to protect the lake while having fun with the new water toy?   


Surfs Up!

Dear Surfs Up, 
Congrats on your new boat! I'm glad you care to protect your lake while having fun! Boats are powerful. Their downdraft and large wakes can disrupt lake bottoms and erode shorelines- resulting in harm to lake properties and life below the surface.

Operating in shallow depths disrupts the bottom silt and nutrients, reduces the clarity of the water and also releases phosphorus, which can increase algae growth. Running too shallow can also chop up invasive weeds that then spread to all areas of the lake. Simple steps can help everyone enjoy the lake this summer, and for many more to come!   

  • Wakesurf photo by Trevor HensonStart pulling skiers, tubes and boards in deep water.
  • Idle speed only (with no wake) until 200 feet from shorelines.
  • Empty ballasts and weights when not using the wake.
  • Make sure you are 20 feet deep before opening up throttle.
  • Plane your boat as quickly as possible to protect the lake bottom.
  • Respect buoys and protected areas.

If we all follow these simple suggestions when boating, we will be able to preserve our beautiful lakes now and for future generations.