Lakes and Rivers are Flooding

Monday, December 5, 2011 - 11:42pm

The recent rain and snow are creating flood conditions for many of our area lakes. The US Geological Survey maintains two stream gauges on the Tippecanoe River in Kosciusko County.  You can see the water rising real-time at this website maintained in cooperation with NOAA and the National Weather Service.  Click on the dot at North Webster or the dot at Oswego.  Here are the stats as of 9:45pm today:

The Tippecanoe River in North Webster (coming out of Webster Lake) reaches flood stage at 6 feet.  It peaked at 6.84’ – exceeding the record flood level of 6.81’ reached 3/14/09. 
 Tippecanoe River at North Webster - Water Stage Graph 12-5-11 
The Tippecanoe at Oswego (coming out of Lake Tippecanoe) reaches flood stage at 7.5 feet. It is currently at 8.15’ – which is not even in the top 20 record flood levels.  However, water levels will continue to rise as flow continues from the Tippecanoe River (and Webster Lake) and Grassy Creek.
   Tippecanoe River at Oswego - Water Stage Graph 12-5-11   

Lake Levels

As of Tuesday, December 6, the Tippecanoe River at North Webster is dropping and Lake Tippecanoe is still rising.

Tippecanoe River

Lake Tippecanoe sure is high!