TWF Announces New Board Members

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 3:27pm

Over the past 20 years, the Board of Directors has ensured the longevity of The Watershed Foundation's mission to protect and improve water quality in the Upper Tippecanoe River watershed. TWF recently gained four new leaders who will guide the Foundation into an exciting future! 

Alex Hall

Alex Hall, Assistant Director at Lilly Center for Lakes and Streams at Grace College,  joins the board from the Warsaw area. “TWF works to make environmental best practices accessible to anyone,” said Hall. “From presentations for children at  camps to informational sessions with local leaders, the information TWF conveys is understandable and relevant to those that take the time to consider it, resulting in a significant impact in our area.”

Andrew Grossnickle

Also new to the board is Andrew Grossnickle, local attorney at Beers, Mallers, Backs and Salin, and Vice Chairman of the K-21 Health Foundation Board. Andy was drawn  to TWF because “helping to keep our local waters clean is a personal priority of mine because clean water benefits everyone,” he said.

Tom  Snyder

Lending years of experience to the group is Tom Snyder, recently retired President of Ivy Tech Community College. Today, Tom and his wife Bobbette enjoy Lake Tippecanoe with their four children and their families, including twelve grandchildren. 

Rounding out the group is Ryan Drake, an Edward Jones Financial Advisor who lives on Lake Tippecanoe with his wife and soon-to-be first child! Ryan grew up on the lake and expressed that, “Being involved in TWF allows me the opportunity to have a positive impact in our watershed that will improve the quality of life for our community.”

Ryan Drake

TWF looks forward to the experience and expertise that each of the new members will bring into the board in the upcoming years. For more information on our board, visit . org.

TWF was founded in 1997 to protect and improve water quality in the Upper Tippecanoe River Watershed; spanning from Crooked Lake in Whitley County to the Warsaw-Winona area. Over the past 20 years, TWF has worked with farmers and lake residents to implement over 200 water quality improvement projects. In the last four years alone, these efforts have prevented over 815 million pounds of weeds and algae from growing in area lakes and streams.