Water at Flood Levels

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 5:35pm

After the past few days of intense rainfall, our area lakes are now at or near flood stage. We want to keep our property owners informed and up-to-date on flood levels. If you are not currently at your property, we recommend you ask a neighbor or friend to check on your property. Water levels will continue to rise as water moves into the Tippecanoe River from across the watershed. 

A watershed works like a funnel, moving water downstream and draining to a particular body of water. Our watershed begins near Crooked and Big Lake. Eventually, the water in the green area all passes through the Dam at Oswego. Then, this water travels down the Tippecanoe River to the Warsaw-area.  

Click here or on the graph to see the current water level and stream flow of the Tippecanoe River downstream of the outlet of Lake TIppecanoe in Oswego.  As you can see, water levels coming out of Lake Tippecanoe are still rising.


Click here or on the graph to see the current water level and stream flow for the Tippecanoe River downstream from the outlet of Webster Lake at State Road 13.

Water levels are also high in Warsaw. This is the current water level downstream of Pike Lake in Warsaw. This site flows into the Tippecanoe River near Hidden Lake.
We have reports that water levels in the lakes upstream including Big, Crooked, Loon, and Barbee are also rising. It generally takes about 48 hours for the flow to move through the system.
The Upper Tippecanoe River Watershed is part of a larger watershed that flows to the Wabash River, the Ohio, the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. The flooding situation is not looking too good for this entire region.  Black is flood stage - dark blue is 90%